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Friday, August 22, 2008

60th Anniversary

AJ in slide!

Isabella climbing!
It has been a busy couple of weeks and the fun isn't over yet. This weekend our family is getting together to help grandma and grandpa celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. What an accomplishment, not many people reach this milestone these days so this is a special occasion to CELEBRATE!
We took the kids to Como Zoo in St. Paul last weekend, we all loved the animals, the kids had fun. AJ loved the play area and slides...see photo above. The strawberry smoothies were awesome and kept us refreshed on such a hot summer day. On the ride home to give the kids a break. ( and DH too he took a short nap as the kids played ) We stopped in Delano at a park we drove by on the dreaded DETOUR. They had so much fun and there were a couple of other kids there to play with so AJ made some new friends. Isabella had fun climbing I can't believe how strong and daring she is at only 19 months old. She will climb on anything, we call her our little monkey because she just loves to climb and is very coordinated. It just amazes me when she does this and always with a cheezy smile. Gotta love it! Time flys by so fast! Not many days of summer left before school starts so we have to savor every day.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time...keep smilin!

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