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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New layouts

Love, love, love this paper. It screams fun and is so fitting for girls. I usually will scrap around my photos but in this case I tried something different and did the layouts first, it was fun for a change. It has been a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend was my 20th class reunion and this week was full of Willmar Fest activities and the parade on Sat.which about halfway through it rained. We need the rain but it would've been nice if it could have held off for another hour to make it through the end of the parade. Those poor floats, everyone was leaving before the parade was over and the people in it had to finish off the parade route in the rain with little people left to watch. The kids didn't mind the rain, we did bring our big umbrella so
we managed to stay pretty dry. They got a lot candy so they left with smiles on their faces!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Frame

Here is a project I created as a gift for Mother's day. I took photos of the little girl I watch a couple times a week. I took photos of her hands, eyes, bare feet and other close ups and then put them togther and printed them as a border and then a greeting from her to her mommy. I used blush cardstock and my cuttlebug then attached ribbon and the big pinks flower and button to finish it off. She can hang it by her desk or attach it to the refrigerater as I also added a magnet to the back.

Pictures on the 25th

It has been a while since the last posting. Busy times kept me from blogging. AJ had his preschool graduation and finished preschool and is now enjoying his summer break. Unfortuately the weather has been gloomy so it goes in streaks where he can
ride bike and play outdoors. He has finally mastered riding his bike without training wheels so he is excited about that. Here are a couple of photos taken on May 25th and they will be added to my pictures on the 25th mini album soon! One is AJ with his pets Codie and Boots and the other is AJ having a picnic with his animals.